Dexam is a specialist supplier of kitchen cookware, bakeware & tableware. Their bespoke kitchen utensils are innovative and manufactured with care.

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  • Dexam Multicolour Round Cookie Cutters – Set of 6

  • Dexam Paper Liners for 18cm Round Cake Tin Pack of 50

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  • Dexam Paper Liners for 2LB Loaf Tin Pack of 40

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  • Dexam Piping Nozzles Set of 3

  • Dexam Rectangular Grid Cooling Rack, 40x25cm

  • Icing Spatula Angled with Riveted Wooden Handle 13cm

  • Dexam Farringdon Mesh Top Shaker, Stainless Steel

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  • Dexam Feet Cookie Cutters, Set of 3

    Dexam Feet Cookie Cutters, Set of 3

  • Double Oven Glove- Love Colour Moroccan Blue

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  • Oven Chip Tray Non-Stick by Dexam

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  • Vintage Home Turkish Coffee Pot – Dove

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  • Dexam Non-Stick Rectangular Flan Pan

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  • Rotary Cheese Grater Set, White With Three Grating Barrels, from Dexam Swift

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  • Swift Bamboo Chopsticks with Dragon Print, Pack of 10 Pairs

    Bamboo Chopsticks Dragon Print, Pack of 10 Pairs from Dexam

  • Classic British Biscuit Cookie Cutters Set of 4 from Dexam

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  • Dexam Alphabet Cutters